Tesla Stock – One of the Reliable Stocks for Investment

In the present scenario, people are looking for multiple ways to invest their money. Number of options is available in the market out of which crypto currency, stocks and trading are few easier options. There are several established and budding companies that are considered as the profitable solutions. But before investing, one should do good research work and not to be dependent upon the old relative’s suggestion.

If you are planning to invest in the automobile sector then as per report of 2020, Tesla Stock is the most the reliable company for long term investment. All that we need to do is to have patience after purchasing the stocks. Since, they build better car as compared to the other automobile companies. This is the first company which gave electric car to the world; took initiative to protect the world from the pollution which is not at all good for our health. So, before moving further let us look at the 2 methods of buying stock. These methods will certainly help you choose the right path.

According to the popular investor, Warren Buffet one should buy stocks that one has no intention to sell unless and until one has urgency to sell it. By investing in diverse stocks, Warren Buffet has become the one of the richest investors across the world. This method of investment is called investment while other method of buying stock is called trading. Mostly it has been observed that few people love the feeling of gambling whether they win or lose in it. And such people would like to have more fun while trading stock. The ups and down of stock hardly affect the traders rather they enjoy doing. Most of the traders in this process make good money. But if we focus on Tesla stock, it may shoot up and down in the last quarter of this year. Before investing in Tesla let’s have a look on the CEO, Elon Musk, who is the real genius billionaire. After selling Paypal, Musk became billionaire and was and used to hardly care about money. So, let’s check what was the really concerned about it.

Actually, he wanted to save the world and planned that we should use sustainable energy. By becoming CEO of Tesla Motors and Solar cells on buildings. Tesla Motors was not at all his full-time job. He acquired full time job as a rocket scientist. Being CEO and CTO for SpaceX, he acquired 1.6 billion $ contract with NASA. So, for those who are planning to invest in Tesla stock, it can be proved as a long-term planning. Though the company has also faced several negativities, yet it sailed through all the challenges and came up as the Giant among several other automobile companies. Tata Motors are the pioneers and achievers in different things including Lithium-ion batteries, Tesla cars etc.

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